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"Pubs in Venice"

Some of the most popular pubs, bars and discos in Venice and Mestre to get the best of Venetian nightlife: concerts and shows, events and parties! In this section you'll find all you need to choose a pub in Venice: concerts, kind of beers, maps to arrive, opening hours...Just click on the logos' pubs to enter and enjoy them!
Antico Dolo (Ruga Rialto 778, Venice)
phone: +39.041.5226546
"Antico Dolo" was born in 1989 from a Bruno Ruffini's idea, a native Venetian that after more than thirty years working for a catering business, decided to buy this hystorical restaurant in the centre of Venice, close to Rialto bridge. L'"Antico Dolo" is placed in Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni (known better as "Ruga Rialto") in the area of the fish and fruit and vegetable market, where all the benches are full of fresh foodstuffs products. Thanks to the nearness of the market Bruno Ruffini and his family decided to start a gastronomical way marked by the creation of many recepes that soon became popular as "Maltagliati with Scallops and Treviso red chicory" or "Tunny-fish Carpaccio and Sea veal marinade with herbs served with spicy croutons".
INISHARK (CASTELLO 5787 - VENICE - boat N 1, N 82 - stop: Rialto or S. Marco)
phone: 041.5235300
hours: 18.00 - 1.30 - Closed on: Monday.
Is a real Irish Pub in the historical centre of Venice, just 5 minutes from Rialto Bridge and 2 minutes far from Saint Mark Square. The pub was opened the 15th of February 1999 and it's leaded by the owners Alberto and Marina. There's a really good atmosphere and the clients are...
PUB 69 (Via S. Don)
hours: From 18.00 to 2.00.
Closed on: Sunday.
PUB 68, in fact, wants that its customers understand and appreciate even the traditions hidden in the workmanship of the beer, so that the taste includes the passion that man always reserved to this contentment elixir! So having a beer with some friends at PUB68, becomes much more than a pleasant night. Here you could understand without doubts wich is the beer closer to your personality. And if you're not sure about your choice, ask a suggest to Mauro and Andrea explaining them what you're looking for and be sure you won't be disappointed!
2 OCHETTE (Via Rielta)
hours: morning from 12.00 to 15.00, evening from 19.00 to 2.00 a.m.
Closed on: Wednesday.
The maxim of our pub is:"If you've had a bad day it's not to late for a big laugh"! Due ochette (means two gooses), infact, is popular in Mestre for its familiar atmosphere and for the effervescent liking of its staff: Isabel, Monica, Elisa, Giada and Roberto. But even the owner, Vico, is a fascinating man who will guide you among the greeds and their special flavours. Here you'll be able to taste a tankard of excellent beer on draught choosing among Castelmaine xxxx, Slalom, Devil's Kiss e Guinness, otherwise you can indulge your whims with all our bottles of beer if you prefer!
hours: Dayly from 18.00 to 2.00 a.m.
Closed on: Tuesday.
In this way "Al Distributore" was born. At the beginning the fear was always with us but willingness was greater! And we had a certain thought: "Customers should find here a high quality cookery, using only good ingredients daily cooked and offering the best beers available in Italy. Trying to realize this philosophy, satisfactions didn't arrive in late and nowadays customers are more and more happy to come here to taste our delicious club sandwiches that are says to be the best in this city. Moreover we had six excellent draught beers: Martin's, Douglas, Slalom, Mc Ewan's, Kapuziner and Dominus, running from opening 'till night!
Little Bear - Australian PUB (Via Felisati, 62 BCDE)
hours: Every day from 19.00 to 2.00 a.m.
Closed on: Tuesday.
phone: 0039.041.971509
Little Bear Australian Pub is a different place compare to the others. When you get in, you'll become aware of the interesting atmosphere of the place. Wood covering the entire pub, in its various gradations of colours,australian paintings (some of them are by real aborigines) make this PUB unique.


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