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Prefix for phone calls from abroad: +39 041
Prefix for calls from Italy: 041
Time difference: +1

Phoning an Italian number from Italy

From any public or private telephone dial:
1) the area code;
2) the telephone number.
(prefixes of the most important Italian cities)

Phoning a number abroad from Italy

a) Direct
From any public or private telephone dial:
1) the international prefix(00);
2) the country code;
3) the area code;
4) the actual telephone number.
Tariffs depend on the country being called.
(international country codes)

b) Country direct
Foreigners in Italy can ask for assistance in their own language when making phone calls and the calls can be paid for with:

- your own telephone card;
- your own telephone account from their country of origin;
- reverse-charge calls
NOTE: the availability of the service depends on the country in question.
The tariff depends on the country being called.
For further information call 176 "International information service".

c) Telephone calls with operator
If you dial 170, you call an operator. Any conversation with an operator is charged by the minute, each fraction of a minute is rounded up to a whole minute.
The connection itself has a fixed charge.
The tariff depends on the country in question.
Services available with an operator:
1) Calling a specific person;
2) Reverse-charge call;
3) Notification of length and cost of conversation with operator;
4) Call charged to credit card;
5) Translation into other languages (English-French-Arabic) (from Monday to Friday 08.00-21.00) (fixed charge + cost per minute).


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