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"Locanda Al Leon"

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LOCANDA "AL LEON" is situated in a street named "CALLE DEGLI ALBANESI " that is near the bridge between the Old Prison and the Hotel Danieli Excelsior. Take the "Calle" and walk up to the last door on the left hand side, before the little square named "Campo SS.Filippo e Giacomo". There you will find Locanda al Leon.

From/to Airport
Out of "Marco Polo Airport",you can take the public service "ALILAGUNA" (ticket is EURO 9,81 per person ) and in 45 minutes you will arrive at St. Marco Square Gardens. Get off and follow the little map on the RIGHT and you will reach our Hotel. (This service runs every hour at minutes 05 (12.05...17:05...20:05. The last ride is at 00:05 ) You can also take a bus shuttle to PIAZZALE ROMA - the last is at 00:20 , then take the public service boat "VAPORETTO" Line 1 or Line 82 or "N"( after midnight ) to SAN ZACCARIA . If you arrive at "San Giuseppe Airport" in TREVISO you can take the bus shuttle ATVO and in 30 minutes you will arrive at PIAZZALE ROMA, then take IYUY the public service boat "VAPORETTO" Line 1 or Line 82 or "N"UTYU P( after midnight )to SAN ZACCARIA.

From/to Train Station
Out of the Railways Station " SANTA LUCIA " take the public service boat "VAPORETTO" Line 1 (45 minutes), Line 82 (35 minutes) or Line 51 (25 minutes) direct to SAN ZACCARIA (TICKET EURO 3,10 PER PERSON). Get off and follow the map on the LEFT.

Hotel    Profile    Rooms    Location    Rates & Special Offers    Book    Photo Gallery    Faqs    Guest Book

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